About Shirlington Running Club (SRC)

  • How it all started

    Virginia residents Mirentxu Meyer and Shirley Santos founded the SRC in 2009 for healthy people with social interests. Their goals were to promote fitness within the community and indirectly bolster the businesses in Shirlington. With over 2,600 members, the SRC meets every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm at Samuel Beckett’s Irish Gastro Pub to run a 5K summer route (6K in the winter), and hosts a post-run happy hour. SRC’s weekly attendance averages more than 100 people, no matter what time of the year or what the weather.


    Members receive a short-sleeve SRC tech running shirt after completing 10 runs and a long-sleeve tech shirt completing their 100th run. Club membership is FREE thanks to the group’s success in attracting local sponsors including Pacers Running Stores, Bungalow Sports Grill, and the Energy Club.


    In addition to fostering a community and family feel, SRC brings its members together throughout the year with other neighborhood events, sport activities and volunteer opportunities. Although not something they openly advertise, they can even take credit for five SRC weddings.


    Join the SRC this Tuesday!

    What makes us different?

    1. Free!
    2. Fantastic group of fun athletic people
    3. A great workout
    4. Best Happy Hour around
    5. Complete 10 runs, receive an SRC T-Shirt!

    Rules of Engagement


    • No jaywalking
    • Stay to the RIGHT on the running path
    • Headlamps or reflectors required for night runs
    • TIP the bartenders and waitstaff


    • No sleeveless shirts for guys

    * This club wouldn’t be possible without the remarkable efforts of the bartenders and waitstaff keeping our food orders organized and the drinks flowing…

    SRC Board of Directors

    President/Co-Founder: Mirentxu Meyer

    Treasurer/Co-Founder: Shirley Santos

    Vice-President:  Tracy Zimmerman

    Volunteering & Events:  Jennifer Weber

    Social Media:  Megan Sorrell

    Operations: Christine Madden

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